Research and Training Center on Bioinformatics
Institute for Information Transmission Problems, RAS

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Research and Training Center "Bioinformatics" was formed in the Institute for Information Transmission Problems in the end of 2003.
Its research interests are:

comparative genomics;
functional annotation of genes and proteins;
methods and algorithms for identification of regulatory signals;
metabolic reconstruction and modeling;
evolution of metabolic pathways and regulatory systems;
alternative splicing and its evolution;
3D structure of proteins, RNA, protein-DNA complexes.

Some of the main results are:

development of the comparative approach to the identification of regulatory sites in prokaryotic genomes;
discovery of a new type of regulatory signals, so-called riboswitches;
description of dozens new enzymes, transporters, and regulators (many predictions were subsequently tested
  and validated in experiments both by collaborators and independently);
description of low conservation of alternatively spliced isoforms in mammalian and insect genomes;
development and web-server implementation of an algorithm for identification of specificity-determining positions in large protein families;
development of algorithms for gene recognition in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

The Center develops training and lecture courses in various areas of bioinformatics. These courses are read at the Department of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics of the Moscow State University.