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Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
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FBB, SDA, fall term 2012
Introduction to algorithms

FBB, SDA, spring term 2013
Bioinformatics of sequences

Term I
Computer literacy (A.B Rakhmaninova, A.V. Alexeevski, A.V. Golovin, S.A. Spirin)

Term II
Comparison of protein sequences (A.B Rakhmaninova)
Comparison of protein sequences (A.B Rakhmaninova, P.S. Novichkov)

Term III
Genome annotation (E.O. Ermakova)
Recognition of signals (E.O. Ermakova)
Nucleic acids. (A.B Rakhmaninova, A.V. Golovin, S.A. Spirin)
Nucleic acids. (A.B Rakhmaninova, A.V. Golovin, S.A. Spirin)

Introduction to molecular biology (M.S. Gelfand)
Part 1 structures
Part 2 functions
Part 3 regulation
Part 4 supplements

Term IV
Informatics. Algorithms. (A.A. Mironov)
Informatics. Programming. (A.A. Mironov, R.A. Sutormin, E.D. Stavrovskaya)

Term V
Informatics. Programming. (A.A. Mironov)

Term VI
Algorithms in bioinformatics (A.A. Mironov)

Term VII
Comparative genomics (M.S. Gelfand)

Term IX
Part 1. Evolutionary genomics (G.A. Bazykin)

Term X
Part 2. Medical genomics (V.E. Ramenskii)

Term X, MIPT, chair of information transmission and processing problems
Information process in living systems (M.S. Gelfand)

PhD students
- I. Zharov (scientific adviser M.S. Gelfand)
- R. Soldatov (scientific adviser A.A. Mironov)
- A. Goland (scientific adviser M.S. Gelfand, A.A. Mironov)
- S. Vinigradova (scientific adviser A.A. Mironov)
- A. Artemov (scientific adviser A.A. Mironov)
- E. Klimuk (scientific adviser K.V. Severinov and M.S. Gelfand)
- A. Nikulova (scientific adviser A.A.Mironov)
- E. Khrameeva (scientific adviser A.A.Mironov)
- O. Tcoj (scientific adviser D.A. Ravcheev, M.S. Gelfand)

- E. Gordienko (scientific adviser I.I. Artamonova, M.S. Gelfand)

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M.S. Gelfand. Comparative genomics (Annual Meeting of the Italian Bioinformatics Society BITS-2005. Milan, Italy, March 2005)
M.S. Gelfand. Recognition of regulatory signals (NATO ASI school. San-Miniato, Italy, October 2001)