Students projects 2006-2007

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The international collaboration
- Nels Larsen (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)
"Conservation of co-expression graph in bacteria". Supervisor: M.S. Gelfand

Master thesis
- Litvinova A. (fifth-year student)
- Nikulova A. (fifth-year student)
- Pertsovskaya I. (fifth-year student)
- Pilipenko (fifth-year student)
- Sycheva L. (fifth-year student)

Term papers:
- Goland A. (department Mechanics and Mathematics)
- Mazin P.V. (fourth-year student)
- Zinin A.
- Kim A. (third-year student)
- Korostelev Yu. (third-year student)
- Tcoy O.
- Yur'eva M.
- Morosanova M.A. (second-year student)
- Korostelev Yu. (third-year student)
- Zakirzyanova V.
- Lyubetskaya A.V. (third-year student)
- Morosanova M. (second-year student)