Mikhail S. Gelfand
D.Sc. (biol.), Ph.D. (math.), The Head
Vice-director of IITP on science

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Research interests:

- comparative genomics
- metagenomics
- metabolic reconstruction and functional annotation of
  genes and proteins
- identification of regulatory signals
- evolution of metabolic pathways and regulatory systems
- alternative splicing
- statistics of DNA sequences


2007. Professor of Bioinformatics
1998. Doctor of Science (biology / molecular biology), State Scientific Center for Biotechnology "GosNIIGenetika", Moscow. 'Computer analysis and prediction of functional features in DNA sequences'.
1993. Ph.D./Candidate of Science (mathematics / biophysics), Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics, Puschino. 'Prediction of splicing sites and protein-coding regions in DNA of higher eukaryotes'.


2010. Academia Europaea, Member
2007 A.A.Baev Prize  in Genomics and Genoinformatics (Russian Academy of Sciences) "for work in computer comparative genomics"
December 2007. Award for the best publication in Russian scientific journals in 2005 for a series of papers in "Molecular Biology" ("Nauka/Interperiodica" publishing house)
2004. "Best Scientist of the Russian Academy of Sciences" award, Fund for Support fo the Russian Science
2000. The President of Russian Federation's Award for Young Doctors of Science
1999. A.A.Baev Prize from the Russian State Scientific Council "Human Genome"

Current grants:

2009-2011. Russian Academy of Sciences, program "Basic Sciences for Medicine", project "Age-related changes in gene expression and alternative splicing"
2009-2011. Russian Academy of Sciences, program "Genetic Diversity", project "Modeling of the interactions of an invading phage and the host's restriction-modification system"
2006-2010. Howard Hughes Medical Institute "Comparative genomics and evolution of regulatory systems" (grant 55005610, PI)
2009-2011. Russian Foundation of Basic Research (09-04-92745) "Regulation and evolution of cellular systems"
2008-2012. Russian Academy of Sciences, program "Molecular and Cellular Biology", project "Comparative genomics, reconstruction and modeling, of metabolism and regulation in bacteria and eukaryotes"
2010-2012. Russian Foundation of Basic Research (10-04-00431) "Co-evolution of DNA-binding proteins and their DNA motifs"

Editorial boards:

2009-2011. Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Bacteriology
2006-present. Member, Editorial Board, Molecular Biology (Moscow)
2006-present. Member, Editorial Board, Book Series "Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology", R&CDynamics Publishers (Izhevsk, Russia)
2005-present. Member, Editorial Board, Central European Journal of Biology
2005-2011. Member, Editorial Board, Bioinformatics
2005-present. Member, Editorial Board, Biology Direct
2005-present. Member, Editorial Board, BMC Bioinformatics
2004-present. Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
2003-present. Member, Editorial Board, PLoS Biology
2003-present. Member, Editorial Board, Lecture Notes in BioInformatics (LNBI), Springer-Verlag
2002-present. Member, Editorial Review Board, Archaea
2001. Guest Editor, Computerra (in Russian), special issue on Bioinformatics (#36(413))
1997-present. Associate Editor, Journal of Computational Biology
1993. Guest Editor (with P.Pevzner), BioSystems, vol. 30 "Computer Genetics"


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